How Google+ Could Boost Your SEO Efforts

Google+ may not be as big as Facebook or twitter, but 2013 looks set to launch the new social network into the social stratosphere and it could take your SEO with it!

You might have noticed that Google+ (Google’s social media offering) is becoming more and more popular with users.

It’s been a slow start for Google, but this social media platform could help your SEO efforts quite significantly.

Unsurprisingly, Google is a little biased when it comes to the way Google+ is used in search results. For example, a Google+ page or account is more likely to show up on the top of search results than a Twitter account.

If you are really looking to get the most benefit out of your SEO then a Google+ page is certainly not going to do your website any harm.

Making your website a little more visible is certainly something that can be achieved with a Google+ page. Because you will be linked to Google’s own social media platform, your site should be much quicker and easier to find.

Google+ is just one of the social media platforms Jungle Media can assist with, so make sure you’re taking notes!

Contextual information is everything to Google – that is information held on your web pages that is relevant to what the pages are about. Relevant keywords and well-formed Meta data can do wonders to how Google views your pages and how it indexes each one.

Having a relevant Google+ page will give your website more Google credibility and that can only be good for rankings.
You can also use Google+ quite effectively for link building. Sharing posts and creating new links will all go a long way to making your site easier to find for your audience.

And lastly, it is a fact that many of the larger brands out there get really good search engine results through Google.

If you create a Google account and use it well you might find your site is found a lot easier especially when you have plenty of relevant information on your Google+ account.

Google+ social indicators can also have a very positive effect on your website’s visibility. Whenever anybody adds a +1 to your website in the search results, it raises your relevance and credibility even more.

You can encourage +1 entries by placing a Google+ +1 button on your website in the same place as you have your other social media icons.

Google+ may not yet have the same following as Facebook or Twitter but this social media platform certainly can’t be ignored. Speak to the team at Jungle Media today to find out more.

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