Google and SEO – A Fine Romance

Strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, sausages and mash; there are some things in life that simply go hand in hand, and Google and SEO is another example.

If you’ve ever stopped to wonder how search results work then read our handy guide about the relationship between Google and search engine optimisation.

To understand more about Google and SEO, you really need to learn how a Google search query works. The moment you hit return or hit the ‘Google Search’ button to execute your query, your query is sent to the Google servers which are responsible for locating the most relevant content in their search index.

When you think how much data is indexed and how quick your search results are returned, that’s quite impressive.

For business, it’s essential that your website and each of its pages is indexed with Google if you want your site to appear in Google search results.

This is actually quite a simple process and one that the Jungle SEO gurus can help you with.

If you want Google to index your pages there are a number of things you need to do, as follows:

1. Submit a sitemap of your website (a listing the pages on your site) to Google using Google Webmaster Central

2. Target the keywords that are most relevant to your business. You can use these within your website copy and within the page title and Meta description of your pages. We can tell you more about this process if you are unsure

3. Create good quality inbound links from relevant websites to your website. Google loves backlinks as they give your site more credibility especially when these links are of a high quality – sites that Google knows about and trusts

When Google starts to index all of the pages on your website it looks at these specific elements:

1. The Page Title

2. The Meta Description

3. The number of websites linking back to yours

4. The quality of the websites linking to your website

5. How relevant the inbound links are

There is a little more to the Google search algorithm but we’ll cover those aspects in a later and more advanced article. The key points above will help you to get your site more exposure on Google and to reach your target audience.

SEO works, but only when you put in the effort to get it right! That isn’t always so easy to do when you have a business to run.

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