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The 6 Benefits of Social Media

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Social media has gone from a perk to a need, especially for companies that want to grow their business and reach more customers. It has become part of the services that many search engine optimisation (SEO) companies provide. Social media’s popularity allows businesses everywhere to become recognised and established. This contributes to increased customer conversion… Read more »

Google Launches Music All Access

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UK based music lovers were given another way to access a huge library of on demand music last week, with the launch of Google’s new Music All Access service. Up until now the space has been dominated by popular streaming service Spotify, having racked up over 20 million users to date through a combination of… Read more »

The New Google Display Planner

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Google took another small but helpful step along the path towards more effective and efficient display ad targeting recently, with the launch of Display Planner. The new tool brings together functions currently available across three other AdWord tools – Ad Planner, Placement Tool and Contextual Targeting Tool – to give users easier access to a… Read more »

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