The New Google Display Planner

News | 7th Aug

Google took another small but helpful step along the path towards more effective and efficient display ad targeting recently, with the launch of Display Planner. The new tool brings together functions currently available across three other AdWord tools – Ad Planner, Placement Tool and Contextual Targeting Tool – to give users easier access to a comprehensive set of ad targeting tools all in one place, with the old tools set to be phased out by early September.


The move follows a trend towards amalgamating features and functionality of various complementary but previously separate Google products, in order to simplify the user experience.   While that process is likely to lead to moments of frustration amongst users of existing tools as they have to come to terms with new configurations as well as migrating their existing profiles, Google will be hoping that in the long run the benefits of the cleaner, streamlined Display Planner, will outweigh the drawbacks caused by any temporary annoyances.


From an agency perspective this development will come as welcome news, helping planners to cut down on the time taken coordinating ad campaigns across multiple platforms. With the ever growing amount of online opportunities available, Display Planner aims to allow users faster and more effective ad targeting across websites, mobile applications and video channels.


By entering demographic information or concepts prospective customers are interested in, Display Planner will generate thousands of potential opportunities from which to choose within a given budget. The tool will also make estimates as to potential campaign’s reach and effectiveness, based on historical data.


While this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, it won’t do a huge amount to change the way agencies go about constructing campaigns, or devising strategies. Traffic analysis is where improvements and additions to the range of tools available will have the most significant effect on users and practitioners ability to extract full potential from ad placements. And while Google Analytics is undoubtedly a useful tool in any campaign planner’s armoury, it is still a long way off being able to provide an in-depth analysis of keywords, a shortcoming that Google are no doubt aware of and will have aspirations to address at some point in the future.


However, for now (available through the Tools & Analysis menu of AdWords) anyone who finds themselves regularly navigating the vast and endless expanse of online display advertising, will no doubt find Display Planner a useful addition to their daily their toolkit.


Click here to find out more about Display Planner, including a short ‘how-to’ video from Google on how to start making the most from the tool.

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