The 6 Benefits of Social Media

News | 27th Aug

Social media has gone from a perk to a need, especially for companies that want to grow their business and reach more customers. It has become part of the services that many search engine optimisation (SEO) companies provide.

Social media’s popularity allows businesses everywhere to become recognised and established. This contributes to increased customer conversion and profit. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn can advertise a company to the right audience effectively.

Here are six benefits a social media profile provides for every business:

1. Increases advertising

Social media is a great way for businesses to introduce, highlight, and display its products and services. It works well when combined with traditional print, radio, and TV ads. It’s also a cost-effective way to let the audience know about important events, contests, and product launches.

2. Promotes customer engagement

Just as salespersons need to foster a good relationship with customers in physical stores, business owners also need to do the same online. Through frequent and positive interactions, a company lets its customers feel more involved and important.

3. Reaches the target audience

Most people love sharing their interests online. Those who share the same opinions and interests will most likely click links that appeal to their curiosity. Many social media platforms even provide analytics and other tools to help a business reach its targeted customer base easily.

4. Gains feedback

Social media is quick and simple, so it’s a great way for businesses to request for feedback. This will help a company improve its products and services based on opinions of people who actually use them.

5. Generates website traffic

When a business is online, it’s easy for customers to find them through an official account on different social media sites. This way, businesses can encourage customers to visit their website for better information. Site visitors can have access to online stores and even perks such as discounts just for sharing the company’s website to friends.

6. Creates a good reputation

Utilising social media has an overall effect on a company’s online reputation. It increases the value of a brand, letting people know that the business is trustworthy. It lets people know that a company is reliable and credible, putting customers’ needs on the top of their priorities.

Truly, social media can benefit a business, help it gain proper online presence, and lead to increased sales. Contact our team to find out how to get started with your own social media campaign.

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