Is your website mobile friendly ? … we can help !

Below is a tool for you to test if your website is mobile friendly.

From 21st April 2015 Google will begin to improve ranking for websites that are mobile friendly. Google already labels websites “Mobile-friendly”; if yours does not have this label it will not get the clicks!

The visitor journey has always been an important consideration for the search engine. Does the website offer what the searcher is looking for? Does it have breadth of knowledge in the content? Is it easy for the visitor to quickly find it quickly (Within two clicks!)?

And now…

  • How does the website display on mobile?
  • Is the text too small?
  • Is there excessive zooming required to navigate the page?

We can help!

It will take us just 48 hours to make your website mobile friendly.

You also get your own m.domian

It is proven to increase engagement on mobile by +60%


50% off our price of £900 for May!

  • £450 + vat (April Promotion)
  • Plus £25 per month for 12 months only.

Click on the picture below to test your website for mobile:


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