How Does Software Development Affect Mobile Marketers?

Now that there are so many mobile operating systems out there in the wild, mobile marketers have a tough job on their hands when building new apps. As great as software development is for both designers and users, how does this affect mobile marketers?

What was once as simple as saying “iPhone” is now a much harder and critical decision.

Whilst the iPhone continues to dominate the market, Android is hot on its heels and there are also apps that might work better with Blackberry or Windows phones. Developers also seem to favour Windows tools when it comes to developing apps.

At Jungle we have been witnessing exciting web to mobile transitions over the years and the pace at which new apps are released is staggering. However, development of these apps needs to be competitive and needs to ensure a good return on investment.

Choosing the wrong mobile operating system could be catastrophic.

One of the first questions you should ask when building a mobile phone app is “Which phone operating system does by target audience use the most?” If you are looking to reach as many people as possible, then the iPhone wins, for now at least.

At this point in time, Apple’s operating system, IOS, has the largest installation base (the most people using it) whilst Android comes in at a close second. Microsoft and Blackberry are still quite small in comparison.

Android usage is definitely something that cannot be ignored and more and more app developers and mobile marketers are focusing on dual platform apps that run equally as well on Apple and Android devices.

The market place is changing and it is expected that Microsoft’s Windows operating system will become the third most popular platform by 2013.

Mobile marketers also think about aesthetics when choosing an operating system. If they are developing an app that is not only functional but edgy too then the iPhone will usually win again.

They know that iPhone users want the latest technology and will share it quickly with others if it offers them something they can’t get elsewhere. iPhone users are quick to adopt new technology and that puts them top of the pile when it comes to app development.

However, if a company wants to reach a target audience in a particular sector, such as law, finance or medicine, they might target Blackberry as the brand has a stronger penetration in these markets than anywhere else.

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