How the Next Gen iPads Will Influence Mobile Marketing?

When it comes to revolutionary gadgets, none have matched the iPad recently in terms of functionality, efficiency, style or sheer cool factor. SO what does this mean for the future of mobile marketing?

The iPad has transformed everything from print media through to television and social media. And it has also heavily influenced the way mobile marketing is delivered to the masses.

For years, mobile marketing was on the edge of a major breakthrough but was limited to the small screens of smartphones and slow mobile web speeds. Then 3G, tablet computing and clever apps came along and changed things forever.

Now with the launch of 4G and the new generation iPads mobile marketing looks set to ramp up even more.

What’s more, the iPad is fast overtaking the desktop and laptop as the dominant casual computing device and more and more people are embracing this way of surfing the web, watching media and catching up with what is going on with friends and the world at large.

Advertisers are no longer shackled to targeting fickle mobile phone users. We say fickle because this demographic are more likely to want quick information on the go and will be less susceptible to advertising.

The relaxed iPad user at home flicking lazily through web pages or chatting to friends will be more receptive to clever ad campaigns and is the type of user that ad agencies dream of.

More and more apps are being developed with advertising in mind. In fact, more brands are now developing their own apps rather than simply paying for advertising space in another app.

This allows brands to be more creative and to attract more followers through useful and trendy apps that everybody wants. Games, lifestyle apps, social media plug-ins and many other types of app have been used by brands to gain more exposure and the iPad is the perfect platform.

And now, the next generation of Ipads – the Mini and the iPad 3 look set to keep Apple on the top of the tablet charts for a long time to come. The iPad Mini will be an interesting one to watch.

Smaller than its big brother and larger than a smartphone, the Mini is compact enough to be a viable travel option and sports a screen that ensures media can be viewed without squinting or messing around with resolution settings.

It’s all great news for the ad men who are sure to be poised with more apps and mobile marketing solutions to target the new iPad generation.

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