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Online Marketing will never be the same again !

Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

Two seemingly unrelated stories have emerged this week which will have significant impact on the way businesses advertise across the internet. Both in their own way are great news for advertisers and when acted upon can significantly increase return on investment.Google to detect what TV show you are viewing when searching on the web?The first… Read more »

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5 Ways to Maximise Your Click Through Rate

5 tips to drastically improve your CTR

It’s quite a well-known fact that common knowledge that higher web search rankings increase your chances of users clicking through your pages. However, your ranking position does not always mean users WILL click on your site link. Most users take other factors into consideration before clicking on the most relevant page. If you fail to… Read more »

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4 Easy Ways To Measure SEO Success

Measuring SEO Success

One of the biggest problems with SEO is that it’s not always obvious whether your search engine optimisation efforts have had the desired results. If you work with an SEO agency, you can ask them to produce a monthly report (they should offer this service anyway) that shows your current rankings, traffic statistics and the… Read more »

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Why is Google Analytics so important to your business?

So why is Google Analytics so important to your business? For a completely free analytics package, the benefits of using Google Analytics are impressive. The potential to see where the buying cycle of your customer starts and finishes used to be a marketing holy grail and is now available at your fingertips. Attribute your marketing… Read more »