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Google Doodle Honours First Computor Programmer, Ada Locelace

Worlds first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace honoured with Google Doodle

Google creates a special Doodle in honour of Ada Lovelace.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Ada Lovelace, born 197 years ago, invented the first algorithm (computer program) in 1842.

170 years ago, aged just 27 and living in a time before the internet, Ada invented the first program.

In her very short life of just 36 years, Ada Lovelace saw a future of possibilities and began writing the algorithm. Lovelace was a mathematician and a writer who was hired to write notes based on Charles Babbage and the Analytical Engine.

Lovelace wrote to an exceptionally innovative standard and her notes were turned into the first algorithm and computer programmer ever written.

Lovelace went down as the first computer programmer ever and has helping lead world to the powerful computer programming industry we have today.

To celebrate her life, Google has a Google Doodle that shows her writing the program and the evolution of computers and algorithms.

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