3 Powerful Reasons to make Video a central part of your Business Marketing for 2019

News | 24th Jul

Just a few years ago video was seen as an interesting addition to business marketing efforts. Now, video needs to be an integral element of every marketing strategy.

Once seen as a fancy business luxury, videos are now regarded as a marketing staple and every business from the smallest stores to the massive multi-nationals are embracing them with open arms.

It is easy to understand why video is so powerful and effective. Sight is our dominant sense with the majority of information transmitted to our brain, being visual.

Just as a picture paints a thousand words, 60 seconds of video shares as much information as 1.8 million words! Nothing conveys a strong message as effectively as video content.

Here are the top three reasons why you need to be using video in your marketing plan also:

Increased Exposure.

Google is always at the forefront of market trend and strives to offer the best consumer experience. Sites featuring video have consistently experienced higher ranking and this will only increase as Google adapts to market statistics and demand:

  • 69% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • Consumers spend 88% more time on websites featuring videos
  • 33% of all internet time is spent with video consumption
  • 74% of all search traffic is looking for video results
  • Visitors will spend 88% more time on websites featuring video content
  • Video landing pages show 60% increase in conversion rates over static pages
  • Blog posts containing video attract 300% more inbound links

Google has already adjusted their search algorithm to reward video content. Video landing pages are 57% more likely to feature on page one for chosen search terms as static pages and video pages generate a 157% increase in organic search traffic.

Extended Reach.

Social proof and sharing is the strongest form of promotion in today’s marketplace. Consider the massive commercial sway that prominent YouTubers have in their particular niches right now. A timely endorsement can make or break a product or service and video sharing amongst peers is widely regarded as direct personal recommendation or endorsement:

  • 93% of internet video watchers will share with friends
  • 76% of internet watchers will share branded video if entertaining
  • 45% of all internet users watch at least one hour of online video
  • Social video receives 1200% more shares than text or image posting

Equally importantly, viral sharing can build on an initial investment and provide astronomical return on investment. 76% of businesses report video advertising as effective and when viral reach is factored in, this medium is often the most effective marketing platform available.

Instant Market Credibility.

Consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical, especially when dealing online. Businesses need to not only engage with new and existing customers but also instil confidence as early and as quickly as possible. Video can provide that vital credibility in a way that no other content can even compare:

  • 75% of business users watch video weekly
  • 59% of executives would rather watch video that read text
  • Video generates 65% click through to vendor websites
  • Businesses using video see a 49% growth in revenue
  • Video increases visitor message retention rates from 10% with text to 95% with video
  • 68% of online consumers believe strong company videos make the company more trustworthy

The facts speak for themselves and video needs to be at the core of any progressive marketing strategy. As well as giving any marketing message extended reach and engagement, video will instantly brand a company as credible, trustworthy and worthy of recommendation.

Interestingly, the quality of the video is not nearly as important as the content.

Viewers are prepared to both watch and share video regardless of the quality of the recording as long as the content is relevant, entertaining or informative.

This means that anyone can now make video content which will be effective as a marketing tool for business. Impromptu recordings on smartphones can be just as powerful as scripted talking head videos with lavish background production.

When you also consider the sheer number of sites where videos can be shared, everywhere from social sites like YouTube or Facebook right up to professional networks like LinkedIn, any business can plan a wide-ranging marketing plan for even the most modest budget.

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