Google launches Version2 of Content API for Google Shopping

On June 6 2014, internet search engine company Google announced that it had released version 2 of its Content API for Google Shopping application. This upgraded version is said by the company to be much easier to use and to represent “a big overhaul.”


Many of the key changes are concerned with improvements to functionality, particularly with regard to data quality, inventory updates and other account management features. For example, the application now permits users to update price or availability information without re-submitting the other product details.


All account management features are now said to be available for all account types, and these features include linking of AdWords accounts and adding authorized users. Google also cites one example of the improved data quality information when it reveals that companies can now know if any of their landing pages were unable to be reached on certain mobile devices.


Version 2 also offers:


  • Improved integration with the Application Programming Interface (API) infrastructure


  • Improved integration with Google Shopping, an application which allows shoppers access to products offered by a number of online and other retailers


  • Simpler request and response arrangements


  • Improved tooling


  • Support for more programming languages than version 1


  • Support for more data formats, such as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which Version 1 did not offer


Content API for Google Shopping allows companies to list their products in such a way that they are visible to users searching the web, and permits them to update prices and availability information as soon as this changes. The application can be used by any company that has a Google Merchant Center account.


Essentially, the application has four distinct components:


  • Products – where companies can add and remove products. It is possible to both add and remove several products in a single request


  • Accounts – where Merchant Center accounts can be created, updated or deleted. Sub-accounts can also be created or removed.


  • Inventory – where companies can update information about availability and prices, including details of discount sales and the like


  • Data feeds – where data feeds can be registered


Version 1, which was launched in 2010, will be available until February 2015, but users are encouraged to upgrade to the new version now.


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