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Penguin 3.0 impact; and how to protect your web business.

Penquin 3.0

Google has let loose with a double whammy recently. Penguin 3.0 and Panda 4.1 are the latest algorithm updates designed to filter out inferior web content.Panda has gone after content and Penguin is aimed toward backlinks pointing to your website.Any websites which do not offer relevant and quality content to the user are being systematically… Read more »

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Online Marketing will never be the same again !

Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

Two seemingly unrelated stories have emerged this week which will have significant impact on the way businesses advertise across the internet. Both in their own way are great news for advertisers and when acted upon can significantly increase return on investment.Google to detect what TV show you are viewing when searching on the web?The first… Read more »

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Estate Agents hit by ISP routing problems to Dezrez.

Hundreds of independent Estate Agents are unable to display houses for sale on their websites today, due to problems with ISP routing access to Dezrez software.Dezrez property management company is popular with most independent estate agents in the UK.The problem, which seems to have begun in the early hours was still causing blank screens on… Read more »

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Google Removes Authorship Picture from its Search Pages.

Google Plus Authorship

Google has updated the way Authorship is displayed on the search engine result page. The change included the removal of authorship picture on the search engine result pages, and a smaller picture will be used on news pages.John Meuller Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google when referring to their ongoing efforts to clean up the visual… Read more »

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Google considers search engine results alert after court ruling.

Google Court Ruling

Internet search engine giant Google is reported to be considering introducing a facility whereby an alert appears at the bottom of a search results page on which links have been removed. This follows a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice on May 13, 2014 that, under existing European Union data protection legislation, European citizens… Read more »

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Google Payday Loan Algorithm 2.0 Launched

Pay Day Loans Algorithm 2.0

On May 20 2014, internet search engine Google confirmed it had launched version 2.0 of its Payday Loan Algorithm. A Google spokesperson said: “Over the weekend we began rolling out a new algorithmic update. The update was neither Panda nor Penguin — it was the next generation of an algorithm that originally rolled out last… Read more »

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Is eBay A Big Loser In the Google Panda 4.0 update ?

Google Panda 4.0

Online auction giant eBay appears to have lost a lot of its traffic from the Google search engine, according to the latest results available from German search engine optimisation software developer Search metrics.This follows the release, on May 20 2014, of version 4.0 of Google’s Panda algorithm, which is designed to ensure that only high… Read more »

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Google Agrees to Legally Binding Search Changes

Google Logo

Google agrees on deal with European regulators and offers to make legally binding changes to its search results. Written by Kaye Neylon The news follows a two year antitrust investigation into the alleged claims that the search giant abuses its dominance of online search. Has the deal gone public? No, the deal is not yet… Read more »

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How Did Interflora Resurrect Their Rankings?

Interflora's Search Rankings

Following some nasty backlinks and some finger wagging from Google, Interflora have managed to claw their back up the search rankings. Written by Kaye Neylon What Happened to the flower folk? Tried ordering flowers recently? If so, you may have noticed that one of the UK’s biggest florists – Interflora – was handed with a… Read more »

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Groupon’s Bid to Become Local Deals Search Engine Giant

Groupon Makes Bid To Become Local Deals Search Engine

Groupon, one of the biggest daily deals companies has revealed its plans to venture into the search engine market. Written by Kaye Neylon With a growing inventory of deals made available to costumers based on their search options in what is being called the Groupon “Local Marketplace”, customers in New York and Chicago are already… Read more »