Groupon’s Bid to Become Local Deals Search Engine Giant

News | 20th Nov

Groupon, one of the biggest daily deals companies has revealed its plans to venture into the search engine market.

Written by Kaye Neylon

With a growing inventory of deals made available to costumers based on their search options in what is being called the Groupon “Local Marketplace”, customers in New York and Chicago are already enjoying the benefits of searching for deals that best suit their needs.

This is a shift from Groupons usual push email marketing and into larger product diversification as their bid to become a local deals search engine could pull back some customers after their stock feel considerably last year.

Groupon have openly discussed their concern at the number of emails being considered irrelevant by recipients who have signed up to receive the daily deals, this new venture hopes to address and correct that problem.

The tradition method of consumers signing up to receive daily deals via push emails to their inbox’s and smartphones failed to encourage engagement and usage frequency although it did encourage some interaction via the Groupon app.

The biggest challenge with a search model is the need for a larger deals inventory. If users search and find limited results of a poor quality they are unlikely to use the service again.

From an SEO perspective this can only prove positive as the Groupon website will attract higher user engagement and returning custom and value for both consumers and advertisers.

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