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Google Removes Authorship Picture from its Search Pages.

Google Plus Authorship

Google has updated the way Authorship is displayed on the search engine result page. The change included the removal of authorship picture on the search engine result pages, and a smaller picture will be used on news pages.John Meuller Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google when referring to their ongoing efforts to clean up the visual… Read more »

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Facebook Gets Moody

Facebook Emotions

Is Facebook becoming more sentimental? After months of testing, the world’s most popular social platform asks users “How are you feeling?” Written by Kaye Neylon A new era of communication We’re not sure if Facebook HQ were feeling particularly sentimental or perhaps they were watching The Notebook sniffling with a box of tissues, but the… Read more »

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6 Hashtag Tips for Your Business

Twitter Hashtag

Hashtag’s are a bit of a minefield so allow us to show you how to use them as part of your social media strategy and make you into a Twitter maestro! Written by Kaye Neylon Any social media agency will know that hashtags are an essential part of Twitter. They have been a major launching… Read more »

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Groupon’s Bid to Become Local Deals Search Engine Giant

Groupon Makes Bid To Become Local Deals Search Engine

Groupon, one of the biggest daily deals companies has revealed its plans to venture into the search engine market. Written by Kaye Neylon With a growing inventory of deals made available to costumers based on their search options in what is being called the Groupon “Local Marketplace”, customers in New York and Chicago are already… Read more »

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Don’t Forget to Include Your Images in SEO

Don't forget image content

One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO is images. There are many websites with hundreds of images across the site and it’s actually quite easy to apply a few SEO principles to them. When thinking about SEO you need to look at all the elements of your site that can tap into this technology…. Read more »