Pinterest and the Rise of Visual Marketing

Social media | 16th Oct

Whether you have a product launch coming up, you need to promote your existing business or you just want to target people in a different way, Pinterest is a service you cannot afford to ignore.

First we had Flickr, then Tumblr came along and how Pinterest has exploded onto the scene and is fast becoming one of the most popular marketing communities.

If you are currently using content in a big way on your website, that’s great. Content will always be king especially if you target your content at your audience and keep it fresh and interesting. Posting on Twitter and Facebook is also essential if you want to reach the social media masses. But again, these social media platforms rely on words and you’ll need to pick these words wisely if you want them to work for you.

The Visual Shift

But something else is happening in the land of internet marketing and we’re starting to see a shift towards more visual methods of marketing. Pinterest has sparked a lot of interest of late as it relies on visuals and visuals only. Whilst it’s not yet a threat to Facebook or Twitter, the visual portal is certainly leaving Google+ in the dust.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need to be an artist or an image-making expert. You can use images of your products, images of your adverts and any other image that you think will be attractive to your target audience.

When you post an image to Pinterest you can link it anywhere you want – your website, your landing page, your Facebook business page. If you sell products that are visual (cakes, photos, fashion or cars for example) then you have a great head start in the Pinterest marketing game. You can also include a short caption with your image to add more weight.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s quick to update, easy to manage and you don’t have to sit thinking about something interesting to say – your image can speak volumes. Even if your product is a publication you can promote it on Pinterest by posting relevant images that link to your online articles.
Use the following tips for Pinterest success:

  • Try to use images that are relevant to your business or products
  • Include a short caption or description with your image
  • Add images from your website using Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ plugin.

Images are a great marketing tool when used in the correct way. At Jungle Media we have been keeping a close eye on Pinterest and how it can be used to increase traffic and ultimately sales and business interest. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting tips and tricks on how best to use this visual marketing tool so pop back soon.

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