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How good is the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Everything you need to know about the coolest smartphone on the block Written by Kaye Neylon It was one of the most highly anticipated launches of 2013, and Samsung did not disappoint. From pre-launch teasing in Times Square NYC to supposed leaked images all over the internet, Samsung have surpassed themselves when it comes to… Read more »

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Are brand marketers on the brink of extinction?

Will celebrity brand endorsers replace marketers? Written by Kaye Neylon Recently there has been a surge of celebrities being given a generous promotion when it comes to branding roles but shouldn’t we (marketers) be asking if they can bring more to a business than just a platform and could they really replace brand marketers? Jungle… Read more »

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“Internships create brand ambassadors for your company”…

Can internships create brand ambassadors?

Can offering internships create life-long brand ambassadors? Written by Kaye Neylon As I was meandering through the Jungle daily Twitterfeed this morning, I noticed one particular tweet that posed the thought on which this article has been based… “Internships create brand ambassadors for your company” (tweet by CERN’s @Recruiter_Two). Given the UK employment’s current state,… Read more »

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Content Marketing: The Four P’s

Positioning, Passion, Paid Media and Perseverance. Written by Kaye Neylon These are the four P’s of Content Marketing and here’s how to utilise them within your digital strategy. Gone are the days of content marketing only being regarded as useful for those within the B2B sector, content marketing is now used effectively to other consumer… Read more »

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Are you strategic or reactive?

Digital Strategy or Reactive?

2013 and it’s a brand new shiny new year. A great opportunity has arrived at your feet, so pause and take a look at how your digital offering has evolved over the last 12 months and what opportunities are ahead for your business 2013. Written by Kaye Neylon As a famous proverb says, “To see… Read more »

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Using to Enhance Your SEO and SEO

If you have noticed more and more daily newspapers being unleashed on Twitter and other social media sites you might be wondering what they are all about and whether you can utilise them in your marketing efforts. One such marketing tool is This Swiss application has been growing in popularity with Twitter users in… Read more »

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A Beginner’s Guide to Keywords

Keywords for Beginners

When it comes to increasing the traffic to your website, keywords are everything. Written by Kaye Neylon By researching and using the right keywords and phrases on your website you will find you climb higher and higher up the Google rankings. How do I use keywords? Keywords are best used in your on-page content, on… Read more »

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SEO for Beginners

SEO for beginners

So you’ve started your business, you’ve built your website and you’re ready to trade online, but where are the customers you thought would be knocking on your virtual door? Perhaps they got lost, perhaps they are on their way or perhaps they don’t know you exist. If you didn’t factor search engine optimisation into your… Read more »

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How to Monitor the Success of Your PPC Campaign

We’ve shown you how to set up your PPC campaign, now let’s measure its success! So, you’ve starting running your PPC campaign. Now you need to monitor its success to make sure it is working well for you and bringing in those all-important conversions. The number of companies using online advertising has increased dramatically over… Read more »

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How to Get the Best Return On Investment From Your PPC Campaign!

Unlike offline marketing, which can be extremely hit and miss, PPC puts you in total control of your budget and the way you target potential new leads online. Companies with smaller budgets can enjoy the local exposure that a PPC ad can bring them whilst large organisations can create multiple PPC ads and use their… Read more »

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