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Plan Your Way to PPC Success!

PPC: Planning for success

When it comes to pay per click (PPC) campaigns, planning is everything. When you consider that you could be paying some serious money to make your PPC campaign successful it’s important that you get the process right. We’ve put together a small, but perfectly formed, checklist of the key considerations when planning a PPC campaign…. Read more »

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The Seven Golden Rules of PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

Pay per click is exactly as its name suggests. Every time somebody clicks on your ad, you pay. The amount you pay will depend on the keywords you are using in your ad and how much you bid on that particular keyword (more on that later). Pay Per Click or PPC as it is also… Read more »

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How to Write Product Descriptions for Maximum Effect!

At Jungle we deal with the design and marketing of many large ecommerce websites. Many of these websites have hundreds and even thousands of products listed and it got us thinking about the most effective method of marketing these products using content and descriptions. If you were to sell just one product on your website… Read more »

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How To Build Effective Landing Pages to Increase Conversion Rates

Great Landing Pages lead to an Increase in Conversion Rates

A landing page, from an internet user’s point of view is just a simple page that is presented as a result of a search. They may have reached this page by clicking on a link from a search engine result page or as the result of clicking on a paid banner ad. From the point… Read more »

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Don’t Forget to Include Your Images in SEO

Don't forget image content

One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO is images. There are many websites with hundreds of images across the site and it’s actually quite easy to apply a few SEO principles to them. When thinking about SEO you need to look at all the elements of your site that can tap into this technology…. Read more »

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The Importance of High Quality Content – Welcome to the Google Zoo

In the past year or so, Google has released some mammoth updates.  The first, Panda, was released last February in a bid to counter the spread of poor quality content and to prevent spun content and sprawling websites from boosting search engine rankings.  The aim of Panda was to encourage webmasters to question the quality… Read more »

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