How good is the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Everything you need to know about the coolest smartphone on the block

Written by Kaye Neylon

It was one of the most highly anticipated launches of 2013, and Samsung did not disappoint. From pre-launch teasing in Times Square NYC to supposed leaked images all over the internet, Samsung have surpassed themselves when it comes to its latest technological offering that has landed in the form of the Galaxy S4.

Drop it like it’s hot

You thought the S3 was impressive, well prepare to feast your eyes on the visually stunning Galaxy S4! When the S4 dropped last week it was welcomed to a mass of hysteria that had been circulating since rumours of the launch date began.

Here’s some images from the kind folks at Mashable which were snapped at the launch in New York last Thursday!

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S4

Haven’t we seen you somewhere before?

Samsung haven’t exactly stretched their imagination when it comes to the design of the Galaxy S4, in fact it sports a rather familiar look to it’s predecessor, the S3.

At first glance, you’d swear blind you were looking at the Galaxy S3. The S4 has a very similar look and feel to its predecessor, but in a slightly thinner body (less than 8mm thick!), with a slightly larger stunning 5-inch screen. The body of the handset is made entirely of polycarbonate, and is available in two colour options: black mist and white frost.


The S4 has an updated 1080p Super AMOLED screen, even better than the almost indestructible Gorilla Glass that the S3 boasted. If you pop the hood, you’ll find a 1.9Ghz quad-core processor or a 1.6 octa-core processor as well as 2GB of RAM. Fancy huh?

And if all of that wasn’t impressive enough to make you smash open your piggy bank and pre-order yours (the S4 is available to the public in less than one month), you also have an IR-blaster built into the phone which allows it to replace your television’s remote control! Samsung’s called this ‘WatchOn’ and the software works as a virtual TV Guide to enhance your experience.

The power is in your hands… Literally!

If battery life was what let the S3 down for you then prepare yourself for the super-charged 2,600mAh battery that powers the handset. Now we don’t know how that translate into human-talk and Samsung are yet to tell us exactly what 2,600mAh would get you, they did say that they’re constantly working on software tweaks to ensure you get the most out of the battery.

The proof is in the pudding!

Here’s a handy video to explain it all to you…

And if that didn’t satisfy your appetite, here’s a nifty infographic from Samsung!

Graphical with the info

Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S4

What do you all think of the Galaxy S4? Do you think Samsung have finally released the iPhone killer? Leave your comments in the box below! You can also find us on Twitter


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