A Beginner’s Guide to Keywords

When it comes to increasing the traffic to your website, keywords are everything.

Written by Kaye Neylon

By researching and using the right keywords and phrases on your website you will find you climb higher and higher up the Google rankings.

How do I use keywords?

Keywords are best used in your on-page content, on blog posts and in your page’s meta data. These are the main areas that Google trawls when looking for new content and pages to add to its index.

If you enter your company name into Google you might find that you already appear at the top of search results. This is great, but what if people don’t know your company name and want to find you by other means, such as a specific search term?

For example, those looking for a plumber in Highgate would probably enter ‘plumber in Highgate’ into their search engine of choice. The search engine would then go off and find all of the websites with content relevant to that search.

This would usually involve finding all the websites with content containing the words ‘plumber in Highgate’ and returning these in the search results.

How do I know which keywords to use?

What words and phrases your customers are entering into their searches is open to a little guesswork on your part but you could probably take a wild stab at some of them. If you really want to be sure, you could use a tool such as Google’s keyword tool.

There are some keywords that are more competitive than others. For example, ‘plumber in London’ would be very competitive as there are lots of plumbing companies in London offering their services. If you used ‘plumber in London’ as a keyword on your site you’d probably find it wouldn’t do you much good.

Targeting your keywords to smaller areas of London however would be much more effective.

Be specific!

The best keywords are the ones that are very specific. For example, “emergency plumber in Highgate” would probably result in more conversions that “plumber in London” and is therefore a better bet to use on your website.

Of course, that only applies if you are actually a plumber in Highgate! Tailor the keywords to suit your business and geographic area. There are no doubt thousands of different keyword combinations relating to your market and many of the lesser used ones could result in the most conversions.

Selecting the right keywords for your business

When it comes to finding the right keywords to use for your business, you have two options – you could do the research yourself or employ a company like Jungle to do the hard work for you.

When it comes to keyword research it’s something we do for our clients on a daily basis and it would take us no time at all to come up with a keyword strategy for you.

Once you have ascertained your keywords put them into a spread sheet and keep note of the ones you use.

Monitor how well they are doing for you, pull the ones that are not working and replace them with others. You’ll start to notice which keywords are best for your business and you’ll probably find it’s the ones you least expected.

We’d be delighted to help you with your keyword research, implementation and analysis so why not get in touch with our friendly team to get started


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