Content Marketing: The Four P’s

Positioning, Passion, Paid Media and Perseverance.

Written by Kaye Neylon

These are the four P’s of Content Marketing and here’s how to utilise them within your digital strategy.

Gone are the days of content marketing only being regarded as useful for those within the B2B sector, content marketing is now used effectively to other consumer brands where reviews and factual information is required.

Content marketing is more widely used now than ever before as marketers use online conversations to create their digital identity and online personal brand enforcing the belief that this may very well be the best strategy for consumer brands to engage with their audience.

Jungle thinks the best way to engage with your audience is to create content they can share and use as their own social currency. As they say within the social media realms, ‘a share for a share and a like for a like’.

We believe that every brand can benefit hugely from content marketing, whether it’s Facebook apps, blogs or a Pinterest board but nothing works better than taking it back to basics and working from the Marketing study book and its four P’s.


Before you create your content you must consider what is it you are offering that no one else in the market is then position your business accordingly. Ask yourself this: What makes you so special?

The way you position your content is no different to how you would position your business or brand.

A part of how you position yourself is your brands tonality and the personality it presents to your customers, both existing and potential. A perfect example of how to get your brands tone pitch perfect is Innocent (the yummy smoothie maker), who do a fantastic job of conveying a warm and friendly personality which makes people want to engage with them.

Putting this into practice within social media channels works brilliantly as you can inject personality into your brand.


You need drive and passion to make your business thrive and sharing your passion with your audience is a proven way to connect with them.

The best example of this being put into practice is the relationship between clients and agencies who are able to collaborate while letting the client inject passion for the chose product and the agency who bring about its measurements and best practices while paid media ensures that the passion from the client is maximised to its full advantage.

Paid Media

Paid media is often forgotten about, but it is a crucial element of content creation. There are approximately 72 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every minutes, how do you make your content stand out from the crowd? On average, your Facebook status (no matter how revolutionary your posts are) will only reach 15% of your followers.

You may have a branded Twitter and YouTube channel but you should still consider paid media as a viable option to enhance your brands reach.


As with anything relating to your brand, perseverance is key. This applies to the ways in which you produce your content and the community you build around it. Your research should resonate your target audience, you won’t get this right first time so perseverance is essential but the research into relevant topics will ensure you take a varied approach before finding which one suits your company best.

Content plans are fine but solid content comes from excellent content curation which needs to be agile enough to adapt to whatever your audience favours, which may very well change, often!

For help with writing quality content, blogs, social media posts, contact our team today who will be happy to guide you in the right direction.


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