Plan Your Way to PPC Success!

When it comes to pay per click (PPC) campaigns, planning is everything. When you consider that you could be paying some serious money to make your PPC campaign successful it’s important that you get the process right. We’ve put together a small, but perfectly formed, checklist of the key considerations when planning a PPC campaign.

  • What’s Your USP?
  • Everybody needs a USP. You’ll need to identify yours before you start your PPC campaign so that you can stand out head and shoulders from your competition.

  • What Are Your PPC Goals and Objectives?
  • Are you looking to reach more customers, reach customers in other regions, or simply boost profits? It’s important that you compile a list of important goals and objectives that you can use to measure success once your start your campaign.

  • Set the Dates
  • Most PPC campaigns have a predetermined start and end date. If you are running a promotion that is time limited for example you would usually have the campaign end once the promotion has ended.

    If you have many PPC campaigns running concurrently it’s important to keep track of when one campaign starts and another one ends. Measuring and monitoring are so important when managing PPC.

  • Establish Click Through Rate (CTR) For Your Ads
  • If you’re not yet familiar with click through rate it’s going to become your best friend once your campaign starts. The click through rate relates to the number of times your ad is clicked versus the number of impressions – an impression is one display of your ad on any media.

  • Set Your Budget
  • Like any marketing campaign PPC needs to be managed financially. How much can you afford to spend for the duration of your campaign?

    The good news is that Google and other pay per click search engines offer automated methods of managing your budget. Facebook for example allows you to enter the maximum amount you wish to spend on your ad. Once that budget is spent you will be notified in case you want to top up your funds.

  • Choose Your Keywords Wisely
  • Perhaps the most important and most complex part of PPC planning is the selection of keywords and key phases. Most PPC ads give you a word limit and therefore you need to be clever with your phrasing and how you plant your keywords in your ad.

    Whilst it’s a good idea to select the most popular keywords it’s also wise to choose those that are no so popular but which could still capture you a good proportion of your market. Google’s keyword tool is a marvellous asset to use alongside a PPC campaign.

  • Measure, Measure, Measure
  • As with any marketing campaign you need to measure results to determine success and the same applies with PPC. Unlike a newspaper ad or other pre-paid advertising you can simply ‘pull’ a PPC ad if it isn’t working for you.

    By measuring the success of your PPC ads you can effortlessly control your online exposure and get the best return on investment. Most PPC interfaces give you access to good monitoring tools.

    At Jungle we are the PPC experts and we’d be delighted to help you get your PPC campaign off the ground and your ads onto the screens of thousands. Speak to us today to get started.


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