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Google launches Version2 of Content API for Google Shopping

Google Shopping API

On June 6 2014, internet search engine company Google announced that it had released version 2 of its Content API for Google Shopping application. This upgraded version is said by the company to be much easier to use and to represent “a big overhaul.” Many of the key changes are concerned with improvements to functionality, particularly… Read more »

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Facebook’s Ends its Sponsored Ads (for now)

Facebook closes sponsored ads

Facebook puts a temporary hold on its Sponsored Ads but says it will keep its search advertising feature, for now. Written by Kaye Neylon Simplifying & Streamlining In a move that has stunned digital marketers, Facebook announced it’s plans to scrap sponsored search results. For the time being, Facebook has clarified that they are permanently… Read more »

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Four overlooked factors in PPC advertising

Pay Per Click

We show you some (surprisingly) often overlooked factors which can affect the success of your PPC campaigns and how to improve them. Written by Kaye Neylon When planning your PPC campaign, it’s important to look at how external factors (even those you may not associate with PPC) can effect its optimisation and success. The Weather… Read more »

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When Toy Story met Mad Men


Move over Lego because there’s a new cube toy on the block and it’s drawing big attention on the streets! Written by Kaye Neylon Nanoblock With an average height of just four inches tall, you would have been forgiven for overlooking Nanoblocks on the shelves, but not any more! In a marketing ploy executed by… Read more »

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Twitter Introduces ‘Negative Keyword Targeting’

Twitter Negative Keyword Changes

As Twitter introduces ‘Negative Keyword Targeting’ to make ads more relevant, we take you through the changes you need to know. Written by Kaye Neylon If you are considering using Twitter to target your audience for your next big marketing campaign, you may want to take notes as Twitter adapts its keywords so your ads… Read more »

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How to Monitor the Success of Your PPC Campaign

We’ve shown you how to set up your PPC campaign, now let’s measure its success! So, you’ve starting running your PPC campaign. Now you need to monitor its success to make sure it is working well for you and bringing in those all-important conversions. The number of companies using online advertising has increased dramatically over… Read more »

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Why Facebook’s Partnership with TechCrunch Could Help Your Business

Facebook Partner With TechCrunch

Facebook and TechCrunch team up in one of the biggest technological advancements of recent years Written by Kaye Neylon The partnership offered an insight into how consumers interact with Facebook ads. The incentive for advertisers was to discover new ways of increasing the all-important ‘click through rate’ on their ads, the statistics show that consumers… Read more »