Four overlooked factors in PPC advertising

We show you some (surprisingly) often overlooked factors which can affect the success of your PPC campaigns and how to improve them.

Written by Kaye Neylon

When planning your PPC campaign, it’s important to look at how external factors (even those you may not associate with PPC) can effect its optimisation and success.

The Weather

Weather Image

One of the most popular searches on the internet today is the weather. We’re not sure about you but we often see people talk about seasons without considering what the weather is actually like!

Put it this way, if you were trying to sell barbecues then it would be fair to begin your PPC campaign in March when the weather begins to brighten up and your target demographic begin to consider purchasing their barbecue for the forthcoming summer.

Consequently if you wanted to captalise on sales then you may begin to increase your PPC expenditure around this time of year. However, do people really have buying a barbecue at the top of their march agenda?

People will become interested in this type of purchase when it is warm outside and the current conditions justify the purchase. Remember, reactive purchases are a trigger!

If you can stay ahead of the game and react quickly then developing your Pay Per Click strategy will always keep you ahead of your competition.

Consider Other Forms of Advertising

Always make sure you are aware of other forms of advertising surrounding your client and their industry. If your client decides they wish to start up a radio advertising campaign, you may want to consider adjusting your PPC strategy.

This forward thinking will prove worthwhile as you may need to ensure that your PPC budget can support the additional traffic and clicks for any additional campaign.

Similarly if you or your client are venturing into print advertising then these efforts should be reflected in the PPC ad text and any landing pages. Another consideration, if a competitor starts a large advertising campaign, be aware that this might make the industry grow as a whole and you’ll want to drive as much traffic to your campaign as possible.

Taking these measures will positively serve a huge boost to the volume of generic searches around the search terms surrounding your PPC campaign. Similarly, if you have an advantage over your competitors with this form of advertising, your ad texts are a great opportunity to boast about these!

Seasonal Shaped Strategy

We’ve discussed the seasonal effects on your Pay Per Click campaign and how this can affect the direction and shape of your strategy, basing your strategy on this contributing factor is vital to its progression and relevance to the audience you are trying to reach.

But what about this on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis?

As with a lot of our B2C customers, you will tend to see a spike at the end of the month. This is most likely (and logically) due to payday. However, if you are looking for a noticeable boost in performance then making a small increase in bids to properly value the traffic will prove effective.

It’s also worth considering how a sale ending mid-month will affect conversions. We regularly check the performance of conversions to analyse the best and most accurate output.

Quality Score

Quality score is a vital metric in PPC but referring to the current timeframe alone can be a very misleading metric.

To make sure your Pay Per Click is performing and meeting targets, it’s advisable to check less regularly and record your performance to account for any required changed and increase in quality scores over a certain period of time.

Occasionally there are times where accounts are just stuck with low quality scores. It’s important that you don’t just focus on this as a negative but actually look at what you can do to keep on improving these in the time to come.

You can do this as mentioned above, by keeping a record of what actions you have/are taking and how quality scores will develop as a result of this action.

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