Why Facebook’s Partnership with TechCrunch Could Help Your Business

News | 21st Nov

Facebook and TechCrunch team up in one of the biggest technological advancements of recent years

Written by Kaye Neylon

The partnership offered an insight into how consumers interact with Facebook ads. The incentive for advertisers was to discover new ways of increasing the all-important ‘click through rate’ on their ads, the statistics show that consumers impression of the ad is likely to be more valuable than the actual click itself.

Facebook now allows advertisers to track users that view their ads but do not click on them. The new feature attracted the attention of TechCrunch who launched their report earlier this month.

One statistic taken from the report results show that 87% of conversions came from impressions rather than clicks.

TechCrunch later illustrated their findings with a very effective flowchart. (Shown above)

The view tag feature was initially introduced as a private program, but after much probing, Facebook now allows advertisers to use the feature to better personalise their ads to a more targeted audience.

Earlier this year Facebook partnered with DataLogix to find out how often consumers buy a product or service after seeing an ad on the website.

View tags give advertisers a deeper insight into what ad has led the consumer to a particular purchase, even if the user did not click on their ad and so far the program seems to be working effectively.

TechCrunch and SocialCode ran a campaign for a company in the US earlier in the year, the company wanted to increase their click through rate for a voucher redeem via Facebook.

5,924 users redeemed their voucher, 5,127 had seen the ad on Facebook but did not click it. 797 click through the ad straight to the voucher redemption page.

What are your thoughts on the new feature? Are you an advertiser who finds this tool useful?

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