When Toy Story met Mad Men

News | 26th Mar

Move over Lego because there’s a new cube toy on the block and it’s drawing big attention on the streets!

Written by Kaye Neylon


With an average height of just four inches tall, you would have been forgiven for overlooking Nanoblocks on the shelves, but not any more! In a marketing ploy executed by Advertising firm, Team Detroit, took Nanoblocks to the streets and discovered that these little blocks are the next big buzz in the toy world.

What happened?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we’ll let the pictures do the talking…

When Toy Story Met MadMen

When Toy Story Met MadMen

When Toy Story Met MadMen

What are Nanoblocks?

They’re called Nanoblocks because they’re iny little building blocks. Think Lego on a teeny tiny scale! Nanoblocks are being pegged as building blocks for big kids because they instantly cause grown adults (even us!) to turn into excited little kids. You stick them together with a little imagination and you’ll surprise yourself at what you can build with these little blocks of fun!

What we love about this

Team Detroit did a fantastic job of drawing attention to a tiny product, one which has to stand out and go head to head with other big block brands. Touch points are what can make or break a product, especially in its early launch stages and Nanoblock had the perfect touch points, the streets, where its audience had their eye drawn to the product and curiosity took over.

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