Twitter Introduces ‘Negative Keyword Targeting’

News | 31st Dec

As Twitter introduces ‘Negative Keyword Targeting’ to make ads more relevant, we take you through the changes you need to know.

Written by Kaye Neylon

If you are considering using Twitter to target your audience for your next big marketing campaign, you may want to take notes as Twitter adapts its keywords so your ads reach the right people.

As Twitter’s advertising offerings continue to mature so that you reach your audience and maximise your exposure it’s vital to keep on top of the latest changes to the world’s most popular micro-blogging social platform.

The latest example of Twitter’s ever changing and rapidly expanding Marketing opportunity came earlier this month with the introduction of something Twitter HQ are calling ‘negative keyword targeting’. The latest development was designed with Promoted Tweets in mind, which will let advertisers buy a term but avoid having the ad shown in contextually irrelevant situations.

For example, an advertiser that buys the term “bacon,” (that’s right, the tasty stuff), with the use of ‘negative keyword targeting’ can now make sure it doesn’t show alongside conversations about actor Kevin Bacon. In which case, “Kevin” would be a negative keyword.

Twitter has also introduced a “bulk importing tool” that will let you highlight which terms you want to match and which you don’t.

In addition to this fancy new trick, advertisers can now automatically match their Promoted Tweets in searches to related trending topics.

For example, if a celebrity‚Äôs pregnancy news starts trending such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s announcement this morning and you are a retailer of baby clothing, your Promoted Tweet may be entered into the auction for that trending search.

Kevin Weil, Twitter’s director of product management, referred to the new changes in his company blog.

If you have relied on Twitter for your Marketing success in 2012 then you may just want to re-think your keywords and reap the benefits of this new system, after all Twitter has designed it to make our jobs easier!

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