QR Codes: Just a Passing Phase or an Essential Marketing Tool?

QR (Quick Response) codes are popping up everywhere – on packaging, in shop windows and even on clothing. But what is a QR code and can it offer any benefit to your business?

Let’s take a closer look.

A QR code is essentially a barcode that can be read by a QR scanner, smartphones and any mobile phone that has an on-board camera. Many businesses are using these to give potential customers a quick route to their website or landing pages, but are they effective as a marketing tool?

It’s important to analyse how consumers use their mobile phones before looking into QR codes in more detail.

A recent study conducted by Corlett found that consumers use their phones in store for the following reasons:

  • To compare in-store prices and online prices

  • To take photos of products

  • To find discounts, vouchers and other offers

  • Another research report found that shopping applications are the 4th most downloaded category of mobile phone app. Shoppers know they can find instant information about the products they are interested and get some great savings on the move.

    However, the report showed that only 15% of those asked had any idea what QR codes were and what they were for. This low level of adoption begs the question whether QR codes are worth using.

    We think the reason why QR codes haven’t had such a great launch is because the companies using them don’t understand how to present them properly.

    These codes are not hard or expensive to implement and if they can bag you only a few customers, a couple of hours’ effort is surely worth it?

    1. Build a subscriber list

    Give incentives to your audience if they use your QR codes. This might be in the form of discounts, offers or other incentives that encourage your users to interact with you in store or online.

    2. Be Inventive with Your QR codes

    QR codes can be engineered to call numbers and send SMS text messages. You could use a QR code that when used calls your number or sends you an SMS message that allows the user to subscribe to your latest offers and news.

    3. Get Social

    QR codes can also be used very effectively on social media websites. There are many plugins that can help to simplify the process and which will allow you to connect with more customers. Likify for example allows you to create QR codes that target users on Facebook or Twitter.

    To really get the most out of your QR code marketing, it’s important that you define your target audience, examine the aims of your campaign and provide incentives to your potential customers.

    You should also measure the effects of your QR code campaign to ensure it is offering some value to your business.

    At Jungle Media we are constantly exploring different ways of marketing and the effects they can have on local and national business.

    We can help you to reach out to more customers through the use of these innovative methods and get more exposure for your business.

    Email us today and let’s talk about your business!


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