How To Build Effective Landing Pages to Increase Conversion Rates

A landing page, from an internet user’s point of view is just a simple page that is presented as a result of a search. They may have reached this page by clicking on a link from a search engine result page or as the result of clicking on a paid banner ad.

From the point of view of the website owner, a landing page is an important vehicle that drives web visitors through a conversion path to reach the desired goal. It’s therefore really important that you optimise that landing page and treat it as an important online asset – as important as your main website.

Ensure that you create a clear call to action and content that clearly describes your product or service and makes it easy to make an enquiry or drive sales. Very often the landing page is the only page your visitors will view so pull them in quickly and make them buy, buy, buy!

  • Define Those Objectives

  • Before you create your landing page, it’s really important that you define your goals. Do you want to make a sale? Do you want your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or do you want them to give you feedback? Be as specific as possible so that your visitors know exactly what you expect from them.

  • Turn That Traffic Into Sales

  • So, now you have your primary objective worked out and you have your media (images, video, infographics etc.) all mapped out so that you can achieve your goals in the most effective manner. Your landing page could be your one shot to get the conversion you need. There are many things you can do to make your landing page look attractive.

    Place your message above the fold of the page, highlight your value proposition and make the call to action as clear as you possibly can. If you are including a lot of content on the page, ensure the call to action appears after each large chunk of text or at least twice on the page.

    It’s a really good idea to experiment with your landing pages. You can test different page designs, variations on the same message and change details, colours and images to see what has the most positive effect on conversions.

    At Jungle we can build effective landing pages that leave your audience in little doubt what you want them to do and how you want them to do it. Make that one shot at conversion count.

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