How to Write Product Descriptions for Maximum Effect!

At Jungle we deal with the design and marketing of many large ecommerce websites. Many of these websites have hundreds and even thousands of products listed and it got us thinking about the most effective method of marketing these products using content and descriptions.

If you were to sell just one product on your website you would probably dedicate at least a few paragraphs to describing the product. However, on large ecommerce websites some product descriptions have no more than a 10 word description and a few images.

There is no doubt that online a hundred words is worth a lot more than an image – in search engine terms at least.

You should always include images with your product descriptions – shoppers buy with their eyes a high percentage of the time.

However, focusing on good copy can also ensure that your product descriptions entice the buyer and help Google to find that description when web users use particular search terms.

Many of us sell products and services that are not unique to our business or website. Whether you sell cosmetics, car parts, toys or home furniture, unless you offer a completely unique product, competition is going to be fierce in your industry.

The descriptions of these products can range from very poor to comprehensive, but even the best written product description may not be compelling to a search engine algorithm.

When writing a product description, consider the following points:

  • The product description is unique to your website

  • You have used keywords for SEO purposes whilst also making your description a good read for human eyes

  • They are long enough to give the information required to make a purchasing decision

  • They are to the point and easy for your customers to understand

  • When writing your product description, think about your customer and what they would be looking for in each product. What do they need the product for and why should they buy from you.

    Try to get inside their heads and write your copy with their specific needs in mind. What does the product do? How will the buyer feel when they use your product?

    Why is it better than any other products out there.

    Use bullet points too to highlight the main points of the product. Don’t lose your audience in swatches of text. Make it easy for them to understand your product and realise why they need it.

    And don’t forget the fundamentals of the product such as colour, size, material, etc. The words you use are the words that will attract the search engines to your pages and potential customers to place an order with you.

    At Jungle Media we know the power of good copy and good descriptions and would be delighted to tell you more about SEO and how it can really help you to attract more visitors and potentially more customers to your website.

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