Build the Links and They Will Come – The Importance of Link Building in Internet Marketing

Many SEO experts will tell you that search engine optimisation is much more than simply using keywords or optimised content.  Whilst these are important components of any online marketing campaign, there is another building block that needs to be considered – link building.  SEO has one primary aim and that is to improve your visibility and ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  In addition to ensuring your site is full of good content, you also need to think about how the search engines will find you.  

Google Loves Links

Link building can be an arduous task when performed by somebody with little experience in the medium, but employ an SEO professional and you can expect excellent improvements to traffic and conversions in a matter of a couple of months.  Links or backlinks as they are commonly called involve the creation of inbound links to your website.  Google (other search engines are available) loves links especially those coming in from high quality sites that are relevant to your niche. 

Choose Carefully

If you are going to use an SEO company to build your links, it’s important that you choose a company with a good track record and who employ only ‘white hat’ link building techniques.  That means all links pointing back to your website need to be of the highest quality.  Avoid the use of companies offering thousands of links overnight.  Link farms and similar services are starting to receive penalties from Google and you will find that your site could disappear from Google page rankings altogether. 

Quality over quantity is what it is all about.  A link building campaign isn’t about speed; it’s about researching the most relevant and valuable websites and building links from those websites to yours.  If the sites linking back to you don’t receive much in the way of traffic or have a bad reputation for poor link building procedures the chances of your site being effectively indexed are slim.

Reap The Rewards

We take great pride in our link building services and the benefits they bring to businesses large, medium and small.  Whilst you can of course conduct your link building efforts yourself the time taken to complete a successful wave of link building takes time and can take you away from the running of your business. 

We get to know our clients so that we can work out how your business ticks, find out more about your niche, and build your links so they work for you now and well into the future.  It’s all about taking the time to build the best links rather than rush the job and reap little in the way of rewards. 


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