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Apple iPhone 8 Review

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iPhone 8

It is widely known the majority of searches on Google are now done using a mobile device. In view of this trend and the long-awaited announcement from Apple about the launch of their latest mobile phone taking place, we though best to give you an overview of what they had to say. Apple iPhone 8… Read more »

The 6 biggest webmaster mistakes to draw penalties from the Google police – Penguin and Panda!

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The concept of two cute, cuddly animals striking dread into the hearts of webmasters worldwide is at first, a comical one. However, these two strangely named algorithms can completely devastate a poorly conceived, structured and executed site in minutes. Constantly scouring the internet and analysing websites, these two bots are sophisticated, highly efficient and merciless…. Read more »

The next Google Panda update has arrived. Panda 4.2

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Google Update Panda 4.2

Google began rolling out the latest update, known as Panda 4.2 last weekend, says Barry Swartz of search Engine Land. The Panda Algorithm Update is site wide so any effect on your website will be on a page by page basis. Add to this that the word on the street is that this algorithm update… Read more »

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