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Google launches Version2 of Content API for Google Shopping

Google Shopping API

On June 6 2014, internet search engine company Google announced that it had released version 2 of its Content API for Google Shopping application. This upgraded version is said by the company to be much easier to use and to represent “a big overhaul.” Many of the key changes are concerned with improvements to functionality, particularly… Read more »

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New Bing Ads PPC Location Report now Shows what triggers the Ads.

Bing Ads PPC Logo

The new service from Bing Ads Pay Per Click (PPC), released on May 21 2014, is an update to its Geo Location Report service.The two new columns in the latest version are one headed Location Type, which shows whether the location of the user is a physical location or a location of interest; and one… Read more »

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Four overlooked factors in PPC advertising

Pay Per Click

We show you some (surprisingly) often overlooked factors which can affect the success of your PPC campaigns and how to improve them. Written by Kaye Neylon When planning your PPC campaign, it’s important to look at how external factors (even those you may not associate with PPC) can effect its optimisation and success. The Weather… Read more »

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Plan Your Way to PPC Success!

PPC: Planning for success

When it comes to pay per click (PPC) campaigns, planning is everything. When you consider that you could be paying some serious money to make your PPC campaign successful it’s important that you get the process right. We’ve put together a small, but perfectly formed, checklist of the key considerations when planning a PPC campaign…. Read more »

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PPC: A Jungle survival guide

What is PPC?Pay Per Click advertising (also referred to as paid search) is a digital marketing term used to describe the activity of advertising your site on other websites or on search engines and paying the host company each time someone connects to your site.This is a popular emarketing strategy because you don’t pay to… Read more »