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Samsung vs Apple: War of the Ads

Apple show off their latest app capabilities after Samsung poked fun at brand Written by Kaye Neylon Apple have had a god-like complex regarding their brand identity for quite some time and lately that has been dented by arch nemesis, Samsung, who are hot on the heels of the iOS giant have recently held the… Read more »

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Google Maps Racks up 10 Million Downloads In Two Days

Following the recent debacle over the greatly anticipated Google Maps for iOS, Apple finally released their version. Written by Kaye Neylon Google’s Senior Vice President of Commerce & Local, Jeff Huber, said on Google+ that in two days they had over 10 million downloads of the app. Huber took to Google+ to share his delight:… Read more »

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Apple Seeking Help After Sacking Mapping Team Manager

Apple Sack Mapping Team Manager

According to a report published by Bloomberg earlier this week, Apple have sacked another team executive in connection with their mapping woes. Written by Kaye Neylon The report claims that Eddie Cue, Head of Software Division, drove out Richard Williamson who managed Apple’s mapping team. Bloomberg says that Apple are now taking advice from mapping-technology… Read more »

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How the Next Gen iPads Will Influence Mobile Marketing?

How iPads will influence mobile marketing?

When it comes to revolutionary gadgets, none have matched the iPad recently in terms of functionality, efficiency, style or sheer cool factor. SO what does this mean for the future of mobile marketing? The iPad has transformed everything from print media through to television and social media. And it has also heavily influenced the way… Read more »