Apple Seeking Help After Sacking Mapping Team Manager

News | 29th Nov

According to a report published by Bloomberg earlier this week, Apple have sacked another team executive in connection with their mapping woes.

Written by Kaye Neylon

The report claims that Eddie Cue, Head of Software Division, drove out Richard Williamson who managed Apple’s mapping team.

Bloomberg says that Apple are now taking advice from mapping-technology experts from outside its four-walls. Some sources claim digital maps provider TomTom Navigation have been drafted in to share the landmark and navigation data it with Apple. Bloomberg’s report also states that Cue, Apples new Head opf Software wants to install a new leadership team for the group.

Some users have noticed improvements in Apple Maps; however the routing element in the Maps app is still not regarded as reliable.

Apple seem to be suffering wth a case of ‘crisis of confidence’.

There seems to be no indication that this recent set back with Apple Maps, has harmed iPhone 5 sales, which continue to sell very well.

It is likely however that Apple consider recent events to be somewhat of an embarrassment to the company.

There has been a recruiting drive taking place at Google Maps as part of its larger effort to fix the problems with their mapping product.

Only time will tell whether Apple will make another acquisition in the mapping sector. Some industry experts say they could buy out a startup ‘Recce’ for a relatively small amount.


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