Apple iPhone 8 Review

It is widely known the majority of searches on Google are now done using a mobile device. In view of this trend and the long-awaited announcement from Apple about the launch of their latest mobile phone taking place, we though best to give you an overview of what they had to say.

Apple iPhone 8 – The Review

Ever since the unveiling of the iPod in 2001, the Apple Keynote has become a highlight of the tech calendar. And since it’s debut a decade ago we’ve become accustomed to a new iPhone each year, and this time we got three; the 8, 8 plus and the iPhone X.

Although we weren’t expecting the iPhone X, the 8 was predicted, and as we guessed, it’s mostly the 7 plus with a few changes.

However, there are enough changes to warrant a rumble of excitement and the need for an upgrade.

So let’s take a closer look at the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Price, Colours and Release Date

  • Release Date: September 22nd (pre-order from 15th September)
  • Colours: Silver/ Space Grey/ Gold
  • The Cost: £699 for 64gb/ £849 for 256gb

Let’s get the important bits out of the way first. As usual, the colours haven’t changed much, and the 8 is the most affordable of the bunch, with the iPhone X starting at £999.

However, this cost has become the norm of late in the smartphone world, the only unfortunate thing is, you don’t have long to save.

Key Changes

  • Glass front and back
  • Wireless charging
  • Louder speakers
  • Dust and water-resistant

Now let’s delve a little deeper into the phone, with the upgrades that make it better than the phone you got last year.

This time, there’s a glass front and back. These have been introduced so you can charge the iPhone 8 wirelessly with the new AirPower mat. This is the same for all new iPhone releases, and looks to become the new way of charging as we move into the future; you just place the phone on the mat, and let it charge.

It also means you won’t keep breaking your charger, but could prove tricky when it comes to borrowing one at work.

Add speakers that are 25% louder to the mix, and the new iPhone 8 is already putting up a good fight as to why you should upgrade.

Let’s Go Inside

  • New A11 Bionic chip
  • Two performance cores
  • Improved battery

So let’s explain the technical stuff. The new A11 Bionic Chip has replaced the old A10 fusion. That may not mean much to everyone, but it basically means it’s up to 70% faster. Add to this the two performance cores, which are up to 25% faster and you’re in for a mobile treat.

The A11 bionic also means an extraordinary AR experience when it comes to apps and games, a world we seem to be moving into faster by the day. It should also help with overall battery life.

The Screen

  • Retina HD display
  • 4.7inch screen display
  • True Tone
  • Wide colour gamut
  • 3D Touch

The new HD retina display automatically makes the on-screen images more beautiful than ever, which is perfect for app and web browsing. But when you add the True Tone technology, it gives you a much better iPhone experience. This is because it adjusts white balance to match the light around you; perfect if you’re using your phone in the sun.

The new 4.7inch screen is also hugely beneficial as it’s slightly smaller than it’s predecessor, meaning those with smaller hands are able to manoeuvre it a lot easier.

The Camera

  • 12MP camera
  • 4k video
  • Optical zoom
  • Wide angled telephoto lenses
  • Digital zoom 10x for photos/ 6x for videos

Again, the camera keeps getting better, and now has a much larger and faster sensor, alongside a colour filter and deeper pixels.

The phone also has 4k video capability and optical image stabilisation, for both video and regular images. This means the phone is great for creating both video for mobile and snapping everything around you.

The Round-Up

Now we’ve come to the end, and we have to say, we’re quite in love with the new iPhone 8. We were obviously going to be in love with it either way, and although it isn’t quite as good as the iPhone X, which could overshadow the iPhone 8 altogether, it is a much more affordable stepping stone on the way up from the iPhone 7 plus, and an upgrade you should get if you’re in the market for one.

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