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SEO and Social Media – How You Can Integrate The Two

What SEO benefits does Social Media have?

When it comes to SEO, new figures report that 50% of UK businesses do not know how to integrate their Social Media and SEO campaigns, here we show you how it’s done.Written by Kaye NeylonWhat SEO benefits does Social Media have?We could talk about this all day long but the put it into bullet points… Social… Read more »

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The Key to Instant SEO Success Is… there isn’t one!

No Instant SEO Success

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool for your website to be found, but why doesn’t success come over night? Written by Kaye Neylon As an SEO agency in Manchester, the beating heart of the digital industry, we’ve heard it dozens of times – Is there an SEO wand to give instant SEO success? And… Read more »

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How Did Interflora Resurrect Their Rankings?

Interflora's Search Rankings

Following some nasty backlinks and some finger wagging from Google, Interflora have managed to claw their back up the search rankings. Written by Kaye Neylon What Happened to the flower folk? Tried ordering flowers recently? If so, you may have noticed that one of the UK’s biggest florists – Interflora – was handed with a… Read more »