15% of Google Search Queries Have Never Been Seen by Google Before

Google Search scratches its head 500 million times a day in new figures released by Google.

Written by Kaye Neylon

An Endless Fountain of Knowledge?

Well to put it bluntly, no. Google receives 500 million new search queries every day, these are queries which Google has never searched for before. Hard to believe but the figure direct from Google itself indicates the growth of search queries from users as the demand for information grows at an astonishing rate.

Google processes 100 billion queries each month and returns your results no more than a microsecond later. However, up to 75 million times a day, Google’s search engine has to think harder to give you a result as the queries have never been seen before by Google.

Hunger Thirsty

Google has continued to have the very same issue every day for the almost 15 years, just about as long as the company has existed, according to John Wiley, Google’s the lead designer for Google Search. Wiley says the process of trying to know and understand more to reduce the 15 percent of new, previously unread or unheard queries needs to be solved and quickly!

Google crawls 20 billion Web sites every day in search of new data that it can turn into results for search queries and begin to chip away at the 15 percent of new search queries it receives daily.

Databases and Entities

Google’s Knowledge Graph forms a vital part of Google’s mission to reduce the percentage of unseen queries, and provide actual answers rather than lists of links. The Knowledge Graph uses a vast database that understand entities such as people, events and topics and even more impressively understands the connections between them.

Google’s Knowledge Graph essentially acts and functions a lot like the human brain and has more than 570 million entities and a staggering 18 billion facts about connections between them, by Google’s count.

15 to 1

The current 15 percent of never seen before queries that Google receives daily and the promise of Knowledge Graph’s 1 percent solution, Google has seemingly found its solution!

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