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What is online display advertising?

Online display advertising is an Internet marketing term used to describe the placing of banner ads on other company’s websites. These can be in the form of leaderboards, skyscrapers, MPUs, buttons and, most recently, video. According to Yahoo (and they should know) online users exposed to both search and display are 244% more likely to purchase the advertiser’s products and services .

Jungle has years of experience in this form of digital marketing and is at the forefront of online video formats, such as highly successful pre-rolls which send response rates sky-high. Pre-rolls are a short 5 or 10 second advertising video clip inserted before the main video plays.

We can work with your in-house design team, your advertising agency or create great, hard working ads on your behalf with our talented team of designers and developers.

We’re uniquely placed to make creative recommendations that can help digital campaigns to really fly. We test, test and test again and may suggest anything from as simple as changing a colour to the use of video or the offer of something free to download to maximise response.

We’ll explore any and every creative and commercial possibility to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign and deliver fantastic ROI.

Jungle is proud to deliver online display advertising solutions that really work. Jungle offers unsurpassed targeting opportunities via exclusive representation of its network of thousands of websites, allowing clients to reach their audience defined by:

  • Online behaviour (online shoppers, quote requesters)
  • Geography  (country or region)
  • Technology used to get online (smartphone, tablet users etc)
  • Demographics (age, sex and social group)
  • Timing (weekends , when commuting etc)

At Jungle, we don’t feel that our job ends once the impression has been delivered. We monitor campaign reports daily and switch off any placements that are not delivering the ultimate business objective of maximising your revenue every time.  We only place advertisers in premium positions that are proven to deliver results and due to our buying power, can offer highly cost effective campaigns.

Why choose to invest in online display?

  • A picture or video tells a richer story about your brand than words
  • Tends to attract higher response rates due to better cut-through
  • Creates a halo effect on other forms of advertising
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to switch on and off
For more information on Online Display and the results Jungle can swing for your business, download our Online Display Survival Guide or contact the team using the form below.

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