Vision & values

Wild about us

At Jungle, our vision is for every one of our clients to be singing our praises from the treetops within 12 months. We want you to be unexpectedly delighted with your online performance and wild about us as a group of commercially minded individuals, who live, eat and breathe the following values:

Act with integrity:

Call it Jungle etiquette if you like, but we believe that acting with integrity at all times is vital to our (and your) success. We don’t employ smoke and mirrors tactics, we’re simply upfront, honest and realistic in our dealings with each other and our clients. Which means we can focus on doing the right things for your business, creating imaginative digital marketing strategies that drive quality traffic, generate more revenue and reduce your costs.

No bull attitude:

We’re very direct and believe in telling it like it is. We don’t ambush our clients with industry jargon or try to bamboozle them. At Jungle, we simply do wildly innovative things online that result in improved business performance earned and the delivery of impressive ROI.

Always accountable:

Some Internet marketing companies seem to make their living by churning out endless reports full of numbers that are, frankly, meaningless without context or interpretation. At Jungle, we’re a different kind of animal – we constantly analyse and react to results, adjust campaigns daily and report on the numbers that matter to your board. We enter into fair contract agreements with our clients, clearly highlighting our responsibilities. Jungle is 100% accountable for the success or failure of our campaigns – in short, the buck stops with us.

Our approach

At Jungle, we’re not big fans of chest-banging presentations that go on about how good we are – we prefer that you make up your own mind about us. So, before you engage us as your digital marketing agency, you’ll find we spend a lot of time with you, getting to know just what makes your business tick. We’ll work seamlessly as part of your team, sharing your objectives and being ruthlessly single minded about what we’re trying to achieve. And, if members of your board are a touch cynical about digital marketing, don’t worry, they’ll soon be won over by our approach. Because Jungle deliver clear, hard evidence about the work we complete and its effect on your bottom-line.

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