At Jungle, we’re very excited about all things mobile! In the ever-evolving habitat of digital marketing, where new channels seem to emerge each day, mobile is growing at breakneck speed – eight times faster than desktop web at its same moment in time.

Did you know that there are now an estimated 11 million Smartphone users in the UK alone?  And that by 2014, there will be more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users?

Even without taking all the tablet users into account, that’s a huge audience – with a mammoth reach. Think about it, people carry their phones with them everywhere, day and night. In fact, research shows that searches from mobiles are at their highest in the evenings, just when desk-top search traffic starts to slow down.

And, as the evenings are the peak conversion time for many businesses, this means your creative, persuasive online mobile ad campaign (created by Jungle of course) will be reaching your customers at the optimum time.

Why is online mobile advertising successful?

Huge audience, mammoth reach, optimum timing – online mobile advertising can’t fail. Also, ads are usually displayed across the entire screen, one per page – so stand out is guaranteed and ad blindness all but eliminated.

Can I target my online mobile advertising?

Of course, online mobile advertising is no different to online advertising. You can have your ads appear on webpages, games and apps aimed at your target demographic. Plus, many mobile sites, videos and apps will make a customer view an ad before they can play a game, giving you the visitors’ undivided attention.

With mobile, you can also target users geographically. So, say you have a retail outlet at a particular shopping centre, you can have your advert appear on the phones of customers based within that shopping centre and even offer them discounts based on the production of the ad on their phone.

Mobile shopping
Increased mobile capability means more and more people do their online shopping via their phone. Customers who see and like your product in an ad are increasingly likely to use your online checkout on their phone, making the purchase there and then.  Recent research by eConsultancy confirmed that Smartphone users are 63% more likely to engage in M-commerce, especially using their bank details or credit card to make a purchase.

Local searches
A massive 90% of online mobile searches are carried out to find local information. For instance, you’re away on business, you fancy a Chinese but haven’t the foggiest where the nearest restaurant is. So, out comes the phone and you search for Chinese restaurants in the local area and view the results. Up pops an ad for a Chinese restaurant just around the corner – our bet is they’ve got your business.


  • Huge audience, massive reach, optimum timing
  • Personalised, relevant advertising channel
  • Avoids the clutter and ‘wallpaper effect’ you can experience in other channels
  • Recognise when your existing online customers are using their mobile device and change your proposition accordingly
  • Capitalise on local searches and target customers using their location
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