The Social Media Class of 2012: Top of the Class

News | 14th Jan

There is paramount evidence that social media played a huge role in captivating its audience in 2012, but who got it right and who got it so very wrong?

Written by Kaye Neylon

The social media class of 2012 was filled with goody two-shoes and sat at the front row were Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+, but which of them scored an A+ on their end of year report?

The Infographic below (designed by the folks at Pardot) displays each network’s ROI based on audience, growth rates and composition of audience value. So let’s see who graduated with the best ROI grades of the year!

Social Media 2012

Understandably it is tricky to gauge the ROI of Social Media, especially given the various platforms available for marketers today. For example, a clothing company may benefit more from executing a solid social media strategy using Pinterest, therefor the ROI is like to be greater.

If done correctly and with enough research and planning, social media amplifies your brand and due to its viral nature can give you reach velocity.

Monitoring the progress of your social activity and the impact it has as a sales model is challenging, if you would like a helpful nudge in the right direction speak to our team today.


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