Top 5 Reasons to Feature Your Company on “Google My Business”

Top 5 Reasons You Must Feature Your Company on “Google My Business”

Every company has the opportunity to feature their business on the gargantuan Google platform. Your company can be profiled with promotional pictures, images and video, offer full info for internet searches and allow you to connect directly to your customers. It is important to know how to set up “Google my Business” correctly.

Google My Business

“Google My Business” listings feature prominently in organic local search, and when optimised correctly can dominate over any competing companies.

If you haven’t listed your business already on the “Google my Business” platform, you must. Here are the five top reasons why:

It is Where Your Current and Future Customers are.

Despite the rise of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, when people are actually searching for real information Google is still king. The search engine receives over 3.5 billion searches daily.

If you want dancing cats you go to Facebook. If you want the latest gossip you go to Twitter. If you are looking for new business opportunities you go to LinkedIn. When you want to locate, research and buy something, you go to Google.

There are huge volumes of local searches made daily and Google My Business puts your company front and centre to hungry consumers with specific, purchase intent.

List your business with opening hours for information, maps for clear directions and contact details to make purchases simple.

You Will Look Great Everywhere.

Internet search habits are changing. For the first time mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches and this causes a major problem for over 75% of businesses whose websites are not mobile friendly.

Today mobile internet searchers require mobile enabled websites. Mobile friendly websites reconfigure their pages for perfect appearance on mobiles and tablets. They also offer faster page loads for a better user experience and simpler navigation for effective browsing.

The vast majority of companies have still not made their sites mobile friendly. As a result consumers, with the modern day necessity for instant gratification, abandon their searches as soon as they encounter slow load speeds or tricky navigation.

Your “Google My Business” listing will be fully mobile configured and optimised for the small screen, it even offers “Click to call” so making it very easy for searchers to contact your business. Whether your potential customer is on PC, mobile or tablet your “Google My Business” listing will appear beautifully with perfectly sized images, simple navigation and fast page loads, every time.

You can Build Brand, Authority and Relationships.

Modern consumers spend more time communicating digitally than they do personally. The internet is not only a place to converse but also the medium to reach out and forge new relationships.

With “Google My Business” you can regularly update your listing to showcase your company, use video to command consumer attention and provide relevant content to build authority and brand awareness in your online sector.

At the same time consumers can actively endorse your company with a one click rating system from where you can reply and build lasting relationships. It is real social media for business.

Management is Easy.

Google has made creating and maintaining your listing as simple as possible. Your intuitive dashboard will make adding and amending content a snip.

The interface is “point and click” easy; even customer reviews are shown clearly for you to monitor and interact with.

There is no HTML or complex coding to endure so this is a task which can be performed in house by any member of staff who is internet savvy. Or you can contact an internet marketing agency who will set this up for you.

It is Free!

Google have been at the top of the food chain for internet search since the very beginning. They look to keep their dominance by offering relevant solutions to both business and consumer alike.

“Google My Business” is free for you to use, and its simple mechanics ensure that the internet giant continues to offer the best business solutions and serve relevant timely results to the consumer.

Google internet search dominance is set to continue unabated as they continually strive to offer the best solutions to the marketplace.

What to do Next.

To claim your “Google My Business” listing today to showcase your company, go can go to to start building your brand and growing sales.

If you would like help to set up “Google my Business” and advice on how to make your website more Google friendly for best results on this listing, please give us a call on 0333 300 1299 for a friendly chat!

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