How to target Mobile Micro Moments more effectively.

‘Desktop search is dead, long live mobile search.’

For the first time Google reports that mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches. This is echoed in internet usage with smartphones accounting for the majority of internet traffic. So now there is a new phenomenon known as Mobile Micro Moments.

It is easy to understand when you consider that 68% of consumers check their mobiles within 15 minutes of waking up, 87% of consumers have their phone by their side permanently and check their phones a staggering 177 times per day.

New mobile needs, new mobile strategy.

Over 60% of websites are not even mobile enabled let alone mobile optimised. This is a major problem as the mobile user will allow just 4 seconds before moving on if a site performs poorly on their phone.
Companies which offer full mobile optimised sites are already seeing huge gains over competitors and this will continue to grow.

Mobile users tend also to be more proactive in their searches and browsing habits instead of just idly surfing.

Google has noticed this rising trend and has identified ‘micro moments’. This is where the searcher or user is displaying clear lines of intent with phrases such as ‘I want’ or ‘I need’
‘Micro Moments’ should redefine our marketing approach.

Mobile users are far more concerned with speed in their internet activity. They are much more defined in their searching, browsing and consumption of information. By tailoring our content, message and adverts directly to address this we can dramatically outsmart the competition and at the same time reduce ad spend and see vastly improved ROI.

Mobile Micro Moments

Some key facts:

  • 51% of mobile users discovered a new company through search.
  • 40% of shoppers will only wait 4 seconds for page load before moving to a competitor when on a retail or travel site.
  • 29% of mobile users will immediately switch to another app if they are dissatisfied with performance or content.
  • 73% of searchers said consistent quality information and content was a major factor when selecting a brand.
  • 61% of mobile users will be more likely to buy from companies who customise mobile information to their location.
  • 33% of mobile users have purchased from a competitor not their normal outlet because the information was available immediately they needed it.

These are ground breaking insights and by utilising 3 key strategies to tailor your marketing it is relatively simple to capitalise on these trends.

The three keys.

Be Front and Centre With Information.

What does your market want? Is it reference information, reviews, demonstrations, videos, articles or plain direction?

How are you addressing this? Ensure your site carries the relevant information; make it easily accessible, produce content in various formats (Including video) and have it appear seamlessly on mobile platforms.

Be Useful and to the Point.

Our current age is all about speed. Give your consumers what they want exactly when they want it. Trim the filler and verbosity and cater for pin point messages delivered in minimum time.

For prospects who ‘need to know or learn’, offer bite sized information that is easily understandable and digestible to build brand. Consider 60 second explainer videos as part of this strategy.

For those who ‘want to go or experience’, show them you are nearby and ready to help.

For everyone who ‘needs to do or experience’, create mini guides and even branded videos which are informative and easy to follow.

For customers ‘who want to buy’, give them easy navigation, one click purchase buttons in your store, on your app or through their phone. Target that want-to-buy moment.

Mobile Micro Moments

Be Quick.

Customers want their needs fulfilled NOW. Reduce any barriers to fast customer completion and make instant gratification as painless as possible.

Have your site mobile optimised not just enabled. Check and make sure everything loads at lightning speed. Add click to call buttons for immediate contact, one click payment buttons and one click upsell buttons for instant sales, also include drop down menus to reduce load speed and typing.

Take Control NOW.

2016 is going to be a spectacular year for those who capitalise on the upward mobile trend. Implementation of a full market approach with relevant, optimised content coupled with multiple channel syndication with mobile optimisation in mind will yield outstanding results for years to come.

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