The Rise of the Infographic

News | 28th Jan

Marketing meets Social Media: The Rise of the Digital Age

Written by Kaye Neylon

An infographic is a visual breakdown of bulk data, but you didn’t need us to tell you that, right? But did you know that the infographic’s popularity has soared thanks to social media?

Social media provides users with instant, often real-time updates thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. People like their information in quick, bite size chunks and this contributes to the huge success of the infographic, connecting people to information they can understand quickly and easily.

The infographic below, from Nowsourcing, shows you how the science behind the info really works.

The Rise of the Infographic

The most popular topics for an infographic include; health, business, technology, the economy and social media.

Infographic’s are quickly becoming the preferred method of content marketing, if you would like to discuss how infographic can help your business and your SEO, contact our team of designers today.


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