Mobile Search Engine Spend Boosted by 18% in Q4 in 2012

News | 15th Jan

The recent figures indicate a shift in digital trends, which looks set to continue and evolve through 2013.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Who held the market share in 2012?

Smartphone’s and tablets took hold of the market share in Q4 of 2012 as they accounted for 18% of the total search spend. The figures, collected by Data Octopus, indicate that paid search on tablets has increased by an astonishing 183% and a respectable 83% for smartphone’s.

Usingsearch engine marketing to gain the top spot on the SERP (search engine results page) is the main goal for marketers and SEO departments and the recent figures only highlight the extent that mobile accounts for search engine marketing.

The volume of interaction and clicks using both smartphone’s and tablets has increased significantly, most noticeably being the smartphone which has risen by 135%. As any marketer will know, the more popular channel becomes, the cost to organisations rises and your PPC budget needs amending to accommodate the changes. Cost per clicks have increased by 45% on smartphone’s and 12% on tablets.

Trends for 2012 and ahead

In 2012, the mobile ad spend break down looked like this:

  • Display, Video, SMS and MMS advertising increased by 91% to £49.9m
  • Mobile search grew by 152% to £131.6m – accounting for 72% of mobile ad spend
  • What’s next in 2013?

    Analysts agree this trend looks set to continue in 2013 with companies clamoring via search engine marketing to tap into this new lucrative Smartphone and Tablet advertising space with the consumption trends increasing at a tremendous rate.

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