Instagram Shares User Data With Facebook

News | 17th Dec

As plans for Instagram to share user data with Facebook are about to go ahead we take a look at how this will affect users.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Instagram updated its privacy policy to reflect that the company was acquired by Facebook earlier this year.

In the run up to the changes Instagram are quick to point out two major factors: users will still be able to choose who can see their Instagram photos and whether they post photos on Facebook.

The new policy, drawn up by bosses at Facebook Headquarters, introduces the notion of “affiliates” (which is not present in the existing privacy policy), and by affiliates they are referring to Facebook first and foremost.

This is a section taken from the new policy:

“We may share User Content and your information (including but not limited to, information from cookies, log files, device identifiers, location data, and usage data) with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that Instagram is part of, or that become part of that group (“Affiliates”)”.

The new edition of the privacy policy also addresses issues surrounding use of personal data and if “Affiliates” will respect privacy settings set by users prior to the policy changes being implemented.

“Affiliates may use this information to help provide, understand, and improve the Service (including by providing analytics) and Affiliates’ own services (including by providing you with better and more relevant experiences). But these Affiliates will honor the choices you make about who can see your photos.”

The changes have come as no surprise after Facebook bought Instagram in one of the biggest social networking buys of the years. Facebook is known as a company that lives and breathes user data and with Instagram now under its social wing, it wants to make use of the data from its user base.

The changes may not go down well with Instagram users who choose not use Facebook. Only time will tell but Facebook will have to tow the line in some respect after last week’s changes to user’s privacy settings even though 60,000 Facebook users petitioned against the changes.

You can read more on this here.


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