Survey Thursday For Facebook

News | 13th Dec

Facebook launches survey asking users how happy they are using the social networking supremo.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Today Facebook has launched its (optional) survey onto the news-feed of tens of thousands of users across the world in a bid to gain feedback of its service.

Following yesterday’s announcement that, regardless of the large volume of people who voted against the privacy changes, Facebook would be altering its privacy settings with immediate effect in some countries with the rest rolling out the changes before the end of the year.

668,872 people voted in the ballot set of by Facebook, and of those who voted, 589,141 said they were opposed to the changes to its privacy policy.

The survey was designed to understand how users interact with Facebook and its current features. The most recent change being its timeline feature which many were not in favour of when it launches several weeks ago.

As Jungle’s social media officer I investigated the survey and came back with these findings.

Facebook split their survey into 13 questions (unlucky for some but this is Facebook). The questions focus on the user experience as opposed to Facebook asking how many posts they send or how many times they check their notifications. The survey appears to have been designed with the audience in mind.

Bearing in mine the recent changes made to privacy settings, the opening questions relates solely to how happy overall the user is with Facebook. This direct approach sets the bar for the following questions.

Survey Thursday

The positioning of Facebook’s opening question was likely to have been asked first rather than at the end of the survey as users are then asked how likely they are to recommend Facebook to friends and their level of satisfaction with the recent changes and any problems they have encountered while using the service.

Facebook has received backlash over its amendments to users privacy settings as many have called the service a “fake democracy”.

Some skeptics have taken to Twitter to voice their fristration as Facebook dare to ask users of their thoughts on the service only hours after over half a million people were seemingly ignored and changes went ahead.

Facebook released this statement yesterday to address the issue.

We suspect there many be an army of disappointed Facebookers’ who will use the survey as a way to vent their frustration.

Have you completed the survey? Tell us your thoughts and if you are for or against the changes to your privacy settings.


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