Google Glass VS Vuzix: Round One

News | 22nd Nov

Google and Vuzix go head to head in the latest technological advancement.

Written by Kaye Neylon

Google took the technology industry by storm earlier this year after they revealed plans to sell Google Glass to a mass market.

Jungle covered the news story in October which reported the eyeglass frames contain a small computer screen in the wearer’s field of vision from which they send, receive, read emails and call friends and family as well as interacting with other on the internet.

The announcement stunned the industry but it has emerged that a less well known company based in Rochester, New York have been selling wearable display eyeglass wear with the military as a dedicated client.

The competitor, Vuzix, may not be as popular as Google but their own design which could knock Google Glass of its perch contains a microphone, earpiece, camera, motion and GPS sensors.

The Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, hold enough programming power to run a version of Android mobile network system thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections which making it possible for the smart glasses to be linked with a smartphone.

The viewing display is the equivalent to that of a four-inch smartphone screen held roughly a foot away from the wearer.

Vuzix also have an alternative model, which will be available to the mass market next year. The ‘augmented-reality’ glasses are ideal for those looking to explore amplified reality. Wearers can immerse themselves in films with the model’s display containing a camera in each lens.

Vuzix’s augmented-reality glasses will retail for approximately £300.

Paul Travers, the company’s CEO and founder, says:

“If your phone rings, it will tell you that your friend Samantha is calling by showing her name and photo.”

Vuzix’s offering will be updated via software updates as developers create impressive apps. Currently software engineers at the company are working on advanced apps to improve navigation and other features.

Bosses at Vuzix and Google share one commonality in particular, marketing the product to persuade consumers to wear the glasses.


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