Twitter Update iOS and Android Apps Adding New Functionality

News | 16th Nov

Micro-blogging giant, Twitter, have updated their iOS and Android apps too allow greater functionality to its ‘Search and Discover’ option.

Written by Kaye Neylon

The move has come after Twitter made changes earlier in September which saw an added emphasis on a media-heavy approach to include photos, articles and other media.

Twitter’s shift to multi-media content was a welcome move as it expanded beyond its original layout of just 140-character text posts. In comparison to its rival, Facebook, which allows users to view and share all forms of content.

Following a recent study from which the results indicated that media such as YouTube videos and Instagram photos which are viewable directly within users Twitter stream keep users on-site longer.

The update enables users to preview article summaries and images in the ‘Search and Discover’ tab without having to tap on the stories, making the user experience more streamline and in keeping with the Twitter brand values for a modern yet simple user experience.

Twitter has transformed into one of the largest social media agencies in the world and the iOS and Android update only further helps their take over and to dominate the social media market.


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